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Stephanie Gilmore is everyone’s favorite surfer. She’s your favorite surfer’s favorite surfer. She’s the darling of the whole industry; a humble, happy, always-smiling seven-time world champion. She’s changed the face of women’s surfing — and the sport of surfing itself.

A few years ago, 60 Minutes Australia made her the focus of a profile that you might’ve missed. It is immediately clear that to Gilmore, surfing is far more than just a paycheck.

“To be out there riding something that has traveled so far across the ocean,” she says, “and you get to share that last little moment with it before it crashes and disappears forever is a pretty cool way to look at it.”

As the profile goes on, it gives a wonderful glimpse into what one of the world’s most famous surfers is like in real life — and it’s safe to say that she lives up to the hype.


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