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Stranger Things is a phenomenon. It’s the second most-watched show on Netflix, which is one of the most-watched streaming services on the planet. You know, most likely, that it has strong ’80s vibes which likely is part of its appeal to a certain generation. And Quiksilver, always a brand willing to create something neon, has been working with Netflix as a wardrobe partner for Season 4. Strange, right?

“Over the past three years,” a press release reads, “Quiksilver and the Netflix costume team worked closely together, diving into the Quiksilver design archives, creating custom cast member pieces, and collaborating on multiple apparel collections.”

To celebrate the collaboration, Quik created the short film you see above. Featuring Kanoa Igarashi, Andy Nieblas, Mikey Wright, Miles Fallon, Frankie Harrer, Janthavy Norton, Stephen Milner, and Rio Waida, it’s a cool little surf flick that, in all honesty, didn’t even need the surfing.


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