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The best surf commentary is not inspired by surfing. When it comes down to it, surfing just isn’t relatable. Food, however, is a universal language. Consider a brisket sandwich, its smoky aroma piping from the plate. A rich, honey vinegar-based BBQ sauce ribboned across the top. Salted beneath a pillowy brioche bun. Just takes a few choice meal-related words, and I’m hungry. Maybe you are, too? Strider Wasilewski can relate.

Wasilewski, a longstanding member of WSL’s beloved commentary team is the proud inventor of “avocado on toast,” and he’s eager to bring his appetite into calling heats.

“I like food,” says Strider. “I was just sitting in the lineup, and all I wanted to do was eat some avocado on toast. The conditions just reminded me of buttery, creamy walls. Salt and pepper off the lip. You know how the spray backs off the lip, a little salt peppering the lip.”

He’s right. The food analogies have endless potential. A gooey marshmallowy of a lip chucking off a thick, rigatoni noodle barrel. Texture on the surface this morning like a flaky breakfast biscuit. Swell roping like Twizzlers to the cotton candy horizon.

“Avocado on toast is pretty good,” says Wasilewski. “But there’s plenty more to do.”

Strider, we welcome you to continue to let your imagination run wild. We’re gonna order some food.

Video shot by Alex Smolowe and edited by Jordyn Romero.


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