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The Inertia

As many an East Coast surfer will tell you, it’s hard not to feel guilty about scoring amazing waves as a result of a storm system that wreaks havoc elsewhere in the world. In this case, the Bahamas is still reeling from Hurricane Dorian, while across much of the Eastern Seaboard, surfers are sleeping a little more soundly after a healthy score.

From Miami to Maine, coastal dwellers are no strangers to the devastation of major storms. And as such, they’re often some of the most willing to assist the areas most affected. And, when thumping tubes stare them in the face, they surf. No shame in that.

Above, a crew of O’Neill team riders comprised of Robbie McCormick, Dimitri Poulos, Cory Lopez and his son Luke all managed to score an epic few days in New Jersey with warm weather, warm water, and light offshore winds. And, man, does it look pretty epic.

Enjoy, and also consider heading to Waves for Water or the Red Cross’ website to learn more about how to assist the Bahamas and areas of the Carolinas that were heavily impacted by Dorian.


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