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Welcome to Summer 2021, where the party is just beginning. Things are looking up as we head into summer, warm weather bringing the good vibes with it. If you’re looking to make a few summer purchases, the items featured will complement the season’s adventures nicely – also solid gifts for Father’s Day, summer birthdays, and graduation. Click through the gallery above to view the full 2021 Summer Gear Guide for more details.

the original boardshort by quicksilver

The Original Boardshort by Quiksilver

Born in 1969, The Original by Quiksilver was the world’s first real boardshort. Over the years, it won World Titles, broke rules, inspired individuals and connected communities, becoming a patch of honor on the beach and beyond. It’s been ripped-off, updated, evolved and amplified. But The Original has cemented its status as an icon of surf culture.

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JOLYN Lia Swimsuit one-piece

JOLYN Lia Swimsuit

The JOLYN x Eryn Krouse surf capsule collection was designed with surfers in mind. The Lia one-piece is a flattering style that stays put against the waves. The slim coverage suit with a French cut leg provides extra support with its built-in shelf bra and adjustable straps. It features a seamless silhouette that is lined to keep its shape.

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SeaVees Legend Sneaker SeaChange

SeaVees Legend Sneaker SeaChange

It’s rare to find a sneaker so easy on the environment. These men’s and women’s classic lace-up sneakers have changed so much since SeaVees introduced them in 1964, but still look the same. Instead, what’s changed is the materials, as this vegan sneaker is made with recycled cotton, post-consumer laces, and recycled, natural rubber. Furthermore, each pair of shoes sold through SeaVees’ SeaChange collection regenerates one foot of coastal kelp forest through their partnership with SeaTrees.

With a cushy foam footbed and exclusive cooling system that has perforations for breathability and cooling airflow channels, these are the shoes to be in this summer.

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melin HYDRO

It’s time for a Summer of Liquid Therapy. Whether you prefer watersports or sweat as your H2O medicine of choice, we’ve designed the ultimate performance hat called melin HYDRO that can handle it all. Designed with a water-resistant exterior, a buoyant visor core, moisture-wicking lining, and an antimicrobial sweat band, melin HYDRO is made for those early morning workouts and evening surf sessions.

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Drifter shoes by lems

The Drifter by Lems Shoes

It’s finally here, the zero-drop slip on shoe you’ve been waiting for. Feeling lazy and don’t want to bother with laces? Then the Drifter is the answer! We incorporated a nifty heel feature that allows the back to collapse, converting the Drifter into an even more slip on-able shoe.

When you want more of a slipper style shoe for a quick errand, simply fold down the microfiber heel and insert that foot right on in. When you need the support, flip it back up and it’s back to a traditional slip on. We told you it’s nifty.

#vanlife, working from home, or chilling at camp? This 100% vegan shoe may never leave your feet.

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Red Paddleboards 10'6" Ride

Red Paddleboards 10’6″ Ride

The 10’6″ Ride is as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. This all-around board is perfect for every type of rider to enjoy the water. It offers excellent durability along with superior stability, so can withstand even the wildest of water adventures. This board is designed to glide over the water in all conditions. Whether you feel like a leisurely paddle on the lake with friends or an action-packed adventure in head-high surf, this board offers a smooth and predictable ride. No matter what type of rider you are, you’ll have endless fun on this all-around board. It’s 4.7″ thick, providing incredible stiffness that doesn’t compromise on performance.

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vallon surf aviators

Vallon Surf Aviators

VALLON take inspiration from classic designs of the past and blend them with the latest material technology to offer
eyewear that is suitable for sporting and leisure activities. This type of aviator frame dominated ski culture in the 70s and early 80s. The epitome of cool, they were worn by everyone from the greatest skiers to the biggest movie stars, and then they disappeared… We have therefore made it our mission to bring it back, this time in a unique, polarized version adapted for everyday use, that we call the Surf Aviators.

Updated with high-performance materials and a modified design allowing for a more modern fit. They are a true blend of classic style and performance materials — the frame is made from premium cellulose acetate; a non-petroleum based material that is very strong and durable. The polarized, tri-acetate cellulose lens (100% UV) reduces glare and ensures maximum protection and comfort.

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largo tote by watershed drybags

The Largo Tote by Watershed Drybags

Whether it’s to keep ocean water out, or wet post-surfing gear in, the Largo Tote offers the very best in dry protection for the boat or beach in a tote-style bag.
Boasting 1200 cu in capacity, the Largo carries a huge amount of gear (and snacks), but stows flat in tight spaces. Featuring the same NAVY-approved ZipDry technology as Watershed’s Military line, these industry-leading Drybags can endure up to 300 feet of underwater pressure.
Code INERTIA15 gets you 15 percent off!

Laird Superfood Creamer

Laird Superfood Original Creamer

Upgrade your coffee routine with 100% plant-based ingredients that bring more to your cup than the average creamer. Laird Hamilton originally developed this creamer recipe to help him stay fueled to surf some of the biggest waves in the world. Made with real ingredients and naturally occurring MCTs from the coconut oil, this epic blend adds a major boost. Loved by athletes for the functional fuel it provides, it’s the perfect way to make your coffee work harder for you. It’s more than a coffee creamer; it’s fuel. Try it now @lairdsuperfood today!
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KGUARD Waterproof Key Pouch
Launched into the market in 2020 under the motto of SAFE&DRY, KGUARD is a revolutionary technology for watersports athletes, designed to protect your electronic car keys while surfing. KGUARD is a fully waterproof (certified IPX8 up to 40 meters) sealed bag for water and outdoor sports. Instead of stashing your keys at the car and worrying about them your entire session, take your car keys with you and surf worry-free. Made of durable silicone for maximum elasticity and softness the KGUARD is soft, doesn’t irritate skin or damage your wetsuit, and enables unrestricted movement with minimum weight and volume.
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Alohi from Waiakea

‘Alohi Sparkling Water from Waiākea

Meet Waiākea’s new sparkling Hawaiian volcanic water. ‘Alohi in Hawaiian means that it’s so amazing, it “sparkles”–and it definitely lives up to its name.
Bubbly and refreshing, Waiākea’s sparkling water makes the perfect addition to your hydration lineup. Sustainably sourced from a deep well on the side of the Mauna Loa Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, ‘Alohi sparkling water comes in a reusable aluminum bottle that can be refilled 100+ times. With each refill, you save the equivalent carbon emissions of driving 2 miles.
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rowdy energy

Rowdy Energy

Ditch your old energy drink and turn to one with superior ingredients and amazing taste. A can of Rowdy provides 160mg of naturally occurring green tea caffeine paired with the nootropic L-Theanine to give you a sustained lift without the unwanted crash, as well as infused vitamins and more electrolytes than leading sports drinks. Of the seven flavors, five are sugar-free and keto certified, while two contain 60% less sugar than typical energy drinks. Rowdy Energy Drinks are also vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, preservative free and contain no artificial ingredients or colors.

All seven flavors are available on rowdyenergy.com or Amazon.

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