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The Inertia

Guy Takayama and the rest of the crew at my work are headed to Central Florida next week, kicking off an East Coast Tour up the coast while I’m stuck holding down the office, but I’m not jealous one bit.

Enjoy the warm water. Get a tan. Have fun surfing with the sharks. Maximo Trinidad is an avid stand-up paddleboard surfer in Jupiter, Florida who sends us photos from time to time having fun on his SUP, but I’ve never seen something like this. Here is Maximo, catching waves at Corners Beach on his SUP, when he collides with a spinner shark. You see him lift up his foot as the board meets the shark, before it knocks him into the water. He then gets back on his board and goes back out for more. Here’s the footage, shot by Maximo on his GoPro. Florida surfers are crazy.


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