The Inertia

We at KorduroyTV have been working tirelessly without sponsors or investors for over two years to give you independent content highlighting inspiring individuals and showing surfing and health tips via our free online videos. We have many great shows already shot and many other great concepts that we’re excited to share with you in the coming months but we need your help. You see, like Zach and the contributors to The Inertia, we decided ignore the rules of traditional media and create a platform reflective of our relationship with surfing. And since the launch KorduroyTV we’ve produced over 250 original short videos and conducted countless Q&A’s with the aim of empowering you (rather than just attempting to instill envy by glorifying the lives of cashed up teens on their international aerial escapades in order to sell clothes). During this time I have funded our videos by working 70 hours per week on commercial shooting and editing jobs, this was working for a while until I had the dumb idea of creating something bigger. The result has been an 18 month and $22,000 redesign of the Korduroy website which will launch in a few short weeks. The focus on the new site is to give a select bunch of the finest craftsmen and women in surf and skate culture their own platform to share and sell their work with all of you and create more a community within the holistic sects of surfing and other outdoor activities. This lofty goal has taxed our time and energy, leaving us needing some help from our viewers to continue to produce the content you know and love.

A few weeks ago we started a Kickstarter project to help spread the word about our endeavor. With only a few days remaining we have raised nearly 80% of our goal, but we need to raise the entire amount to see a penny. A lot of time and energy has been put into creating exclusive prize packages to make your contribution well worth your investment in a better KorduroyTV. Please take the time to check it out and donate what you can.

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