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When Scott Reierson of Alaska Surf Guides unexpectedly emailed us about the wild beauty of the Last Frontier’s surf scene, we were intrigued.

“In Alaska, we have no roads to our ‘local spots,'” said Scott in an email. “It’s either boat, plane, or helicopter to access the goods.”

We asked for some photographic evidence, and dammit if the backdrop of each photo isn’t the star of the show. Who cares if Alaska isn’t Indo, if we got waves there we’d be pinching ourselves.

According to Scott, he started escorting folks to spots and exploring on his own like many Alaskan surfers over the last few decades. “My inspiration to start this operation comes from the pioneers before me, who have been spearheading the logistical challenges of surfing Alaska’s remote breaks for decades,” he said.


“If you’re willing to step off the beaten path and venture towards the arctic circle for your next surf adventure, you’ll likely to find more than you went looking for. The dramatic weather changes and lack of a surf forecast can be daunting at times, but the scenery, solitude, and wildlife make it worth getting in your cold, thick wetsuit and paddling out. After all, these waves traveled thousands of miles through the Gulf of Alaska to find you and your friends on a remote beach during the surfing adventure of a lifetime.”

Learn more about Alaska Surf Guides here.

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