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The Inertia

Remember that Ghana scene in The Endless Summer? Chances are good that you do. Since the film’s release it’s become one of the most memorable parts any surf film ever made. And while the surfers in this short edit from Armando Abraham might not have the talent of those in Bruce Brown’s movie, and the wave might not be as good as the one in that scene, the idea is the same: the search for the perfect, empty wave… and perfection is relative.

“My friends and I found this wave in the coast of Nigeria, West Africa,” Armando wrote. “Lonely, with several sections and waiting to be found…” Abraham, Gary Smith, John Micheletti, Luis Mayoral, and Marc Venidrelle all made their way well off surfing’s beaten path and found this little gem of a lefthander. But it’s not so much about the wave as it is looking for the wave. It’s like the old saying goes: it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.


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