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Surf Office: a place for freedom, creativity, and collaboration.

Surf Office: a place for freedom, creativity and collaboration.

The Inertia

The concept of The Surf Office is to create a space in which people can live and work at the beach. It can be summarized in three words: live, work and play. It’s a co-living/co-working space where you can sleep, work and engage in different activities like surfing, yoga, hiking, relaxing, and exploring the surrounding area in order break the monotony of working in a regular office.

The Surf Office includes living quarters that accommodate up to 10 people. Inside is a large kitchen, bar, yoga room, and, of course, an office space. The working space mixes wooden tables, metal, marble, and display surfboards to create a balance of creativity and focus. There is even a soundproof Skype cabin reserved for conference calls. Above all, the co-working area is a space of ingenuity and inspiration for ambitious entrepreneurs who work best without the restrictions and pressure of traditional offices.

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from one of California's best right-handers: Steamer Lane.

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from one of California’s best right-handers: Steamer Lane.

A typical day at The Surf Office starts with a light, healthy breakfast, followed by a quiet meditation session by the sea. Then it’s productivity time broken up by going for a surf and grabbing a quick bite. After everyone is finished with work, most people finish the day with a yoga session, followed by dinnertime with the housemates. Here we relax, connect with each other over the day, and then call it a night.

During my stay, the housemates were a diverse bunch. We had people from several different backgrounds, such as an IT director, 2 physical therapists, a business developer for a startup, a freelance marketer, a PhD student, and two social entrepreneurs. All of them shared a love for the ocean and the outdoors. The random mix of people made for interesting and productive conversations.

Forming lifelong friendships while engaging in productive and collaborative conversations.

Forming lifelong friendships while engaging in productive and collaborative conversations.

We bonded over participating in different activities while sharing our passions in life. By doing this, we formed lifelong friendships that had a certain community/family feel rolled into one warm ball. The owner of Surf Office encourages diversity in hopes to facilitate a creative and collaborative environment, which brings forth new and different ideas to the table.

I had a wonderful experience at The Surf Office and would relish an opportunity to visit again. Most importantly, I had fun. I was able to meet people from all over the world while forging new connections and friendships.

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