The Inertia

Editor’s note: Welcome to episode 1 of Cliff Kapono’s new YouTube series Cliff Notes. When Cliff originally reached out about the series we asked if he’d explain the genesis of the idea a bit. Below is a brief synopsis of what Cliff Notes is all about. Enjoy!

Cliff Notes was born from a simple idea to find unique and creative ways to better our planet. I firmly believe that you donʻt have to have a Ph.D., ride bamboo surfboards or own a farm to be a great environmental steward. There are everyday things that we can all do to better the places we live. Whether itʻs photography, art, or even fixing surfboard dings, I think that the best change always comes from people who care. If you know rad people who are doing rad stuff, please reach out. Weʻll get the Cliff Notes on it.


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