The Inertia

As a surfer, photography arrived in my life as a very unpretentious activity. I started photographing some of my friends surfing, but I quickly began chase others things, even took some courses to begin getting more professional about it. I like to be on the beach, and working under the sun is no problem for me. So I spend a lot of time in the sand, even if it is small or not too sunny, and that time has paid off with some good shots.

But the real crack happened to me when I realized that I could develop a personal style in my photography, and surfing was perfect for that. I began to mix photojournalism and art to get my view of the moment. I try to add more elements, or use different angles. Maybe it can come across a bit pretentious, but it was really what paved my way in photography. When everybody was using ultra tele-lenses to get closer to the surfer, I tried to look around and get a little wider frame.


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