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The Inertia

Jamie O’Brien is a lot of things these days: he’s a producer, a videographer (once in a while), a pitch man, not to mention the talent. But at the core of it all, he’s a very, very good Pipe surfer with impeccable technique and awareness at his home wave.

He’s shown in his video series, vlog, reality show, however you’d like to categorize it, that he has a knack for relating to the everyday person, even those that don’t surf. He’s the mayor. In fact, he’s built his empire on being able to do just that (listen to him on our Podcast here, or below). But still at the base of it all, is an impressive ability to find absolute gems at what is still the most radical wave in the world when it’s big. That’s always going to be a pretty good base for any brand.


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