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It's free for families to attend, and it's going to be awesome. Image: Surf Snowdonia

It’s free for families to attend, and it’s going to be awesome. Image: Surf Snowdonia

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Remember Surf SnowdoniaIt’s that wave pool in the UK that made waves (yes, intended) for a while. Then, of course, Kelly Slater shone a bright light on his little invention and Wavegarden technology kind took a backseat. But as a working business model, it looks as though Wavegarden’s technology is a success: it’s already incorporated in new wave pools around the world, and there are more slated for construction. Kelly’s got one pool, and no one’s allowed to surf it except Kelly and friends of Kelly. Anyway, Surf Snowdonia is doing something wonderful on Saturday, September 23rd starting at 10 a.m. They’re hosting the Help For Heroes Adaptive Surf Championship.

The event will be the first time adaptive surfers will have a contest in a wave pool. Sponsored by Stance, a sock company that makes socks so comfortable it feels like you’re putting your feet back into the womb, the one-day tournament will see adaptive surf athletes from the UK’s Army, Royal Navy, and Air Force.

The whole thing is free to watch, and the emphasis isn’t so much on winning as it is on inclusion and breaking down barriers.

“This is set to be another great family day out here in Snowdonia and a powerful testament to the transformative potential of surfing,” said Andy Ainscough, managing director of Surf Snowdonia. “We’ve worked closely with Help for Heroes for more than a year now and regularly sponsor visits from former servicemen and women who use surf therapy to recover from mental and physical injuries. This event is a celebration of their courage and resilience, and we’re expecting a great crowd – and atmosphere – to support them on the day.”


See more about the event on SurfSnowdonia.com.


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