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There are only a handful of times when Malibu is empty. Usually, it’s a function of two things: no waves or dirty water. Last weekend, however, Malibu emptied out for much better reasons: The MSA Classic and the Surf Aid Cup.

The latter raised over $150,000 in support of SurfAid’s humanitarian efforts, providing systemic improvements for impoverished communities (in more-often-than-not) wave-rich areas of the world.

The waves weren’t quite all-time like they were last year (check last year’s video here), but an amazing crew in Kassia Meador, Reef McIntosh, Dillon Perillo, Allen Sarlo, Devon Howard, Tyler Warren, and the Malibu community all turned out to enjoy a sunny summer day for a great cause.


If you’re interested in getting more involved with SurfAid, check them out here.

Video shot and edited by Kevin Welti.

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