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According to reports, a 59-year-old surfer was killed in a shark attack north of Sydney yesterday. The 15-foot shark attacked the man in Tuncurry Beach, about 190 miles north of Sydney. Friends apparently told authorities that the man had tried to warn his fellow surfers moments before the shark turned on him.

The man’s friends were able to pull him to shore where authorities took over rescue operations. He reportedly had mortal injuries to his right thigh. Locals theorize that the shark movement in the area recently may have been due to the predators feeding on migratory fish.

There have been more than a few incidents in this area, though. There was a reported shark attack here in 2016 and drones have spotted sharks along this stretch of beach for at least two years (if not more), including the ones below from a YouTube page with the handle, The Rogue Droner.


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