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The Inertia

Koa Rothman has a brand new neck. The old one was worn out, a rickety, creaking head holder that could barely move. If you follow along with Koa’s vlog, you’re no doubt aware that he’s been dealing with neck issues for a long time now, and finally, after a particularly good winter on the North Shore, he decided to go under the knife. Koa Rothman’s surgery was a necessary operation.

“You have vertebrae in your spine,” he explained. “C5 is a vertebrae and C6 is a vertebrae. In between every vertebrae, there’s this little squishy disc of cartilage that allows your body to move and function however you move. What happened to me is that I actually herniated one of those discs.”

In Koa’s case, the herniation was pressing on his spinal cord. As such, Koa’s doctors recommended he undergo surgery to replace said disc. It wasn’t a decision he took lightly, though — Koa is self-admittedly not a fan of surgery. But now, after the knife is out and he’s on the road to recovery, he has more movement in his neck than he’s had in years. All that remains is a whole lot of rehab, which he documents in part three of his road to recovery.


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