The Inertia

About four years ago, my friend Dylan Hronec decided that he wouldn’t let his cerebral palsy stop him from learning to surf. Since then, Dylan, also known as “The Surfing Samurai,” has, against all odds, progressed immensely. And perhaps the most amazing part of it all is how he maintains such a positive attitude. But wait, there’s more. A lot more.

After Dylan’s story landed on the Daily News, Newsday, CBS, and the number two spot on Sports Center’s Top 10, he’s setting his sights even higher. Today, Dylan is fighting for the opportunity to travel the world and share his story in hopes to inspire others to test their own limits in the face of adversity. But if you knew Dylan, you’d know he’s not stopping there. When I asked him what his future goals are beyond his inspiring mission, Dylan explained that he one day hopes to surf at Kelly Slater’s artificial wave and represent the USA in the ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championships and the Paralympic Games. It goes without saying that Dylan is an inspiration to all of us.

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