Growing up in the ’90s, it was tough not to like Oasis. The music spoke to an entire generation. It candidly encouraged us to challenge the status quo. It told us to tell our parents to go fuck themselves. I never did, but I unapologetically continued listening. But after seeing Oasis’ colorful frontman, Noel Gallagher, sharing a few unabashed sentiments on surfing, skateboarding, and Australians in general, I’m not too sure I like him or his music.

FUEL TV | Noel Gallagher Ambassador AnnouncementThanks to his continuing support of the extreme sports community, FUEL TV have decided to name Noel Gallagher as our new Ambassador of Sports for the UK and Europe.

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Posted by FUEL TV on Friday, April 1, 2016

“Surfing’s for idiots,” said Gallagher. “Skateboarding’s for fucking little idiots.” Noel continued his arrogant rant by saying, “Don’t you think all surfers by the very definition are all assholes? Skateboarders can quite frankly go and fuck themselves.”

I must admit, I was taken back by Gallagher’s strong distaste towards action sports athletes (with the exception of motor cross). But the more I watched, the funnier it became. I tried to imagine where this deep-seated aversion to surfing and skateboarding was coming from. Perhaps Gallagher was bullied by surfers and skateboarders while growing up. Perhaps his girlfriend ran off with one of them some time ago. And what is it with Australians? Is he still pissed they separated from the United Kingdom? Unlike myself, some people didn’t take Noel’s words to kindly.

Professional skater Alex Olson responded to Gallagher’s rant by posting the clip on Instagram with the caption, “Don’t throw stones in a glass house… If you wanna talk about falling off, let’s talk about that career of yours?”


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