The Inertia

In Australia, there’s no shortage of things that want to kill you. Taipan snakes, box jellyfish and funnel-web spiders are among the 66 different species of venomous critters on the continent. The other, non-venomous species aren’t exactly safe either. Kangaroos may be peace-loving herbivores, but they can also kick you to death if they really want to.

Then, there’s the non-sentient beasts lying just off the coast: Australia’s fearsome slab waves. Kerby Brown is famous for tackling the horrifyingly heavy breaks of Western Australia, but that’s not the only place where an angry shelf of water can be found. In the latest video from mySURF TV, Kirk Flintoff, Jerome Sahyoun and Dylan Longbottom wrestle with some heavy surf south of Sydney, as documented with drone footage from @skymonkey5.


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