The Inertia for Good Editor

Everybody loves Canadians. Mainly because no other nation has ever been known more for their pleasant disposition than anything else. But now the pleasantries are landing one surfer on the wrong side of the law.

David Crichton regularly paddles into the Ottawa River for some cold freshwater fun. Unfortunately for Crichton, the good Samaritans who stop to watch are dialing up 911 too quick and too often. So often, in fact that Ottawa Fire Services have given Crichton a stiff warning: one more false alarm for a water rescue will bring a $4,000 fine.

As well intentioned as the bystanders’ attempts are, it is pretty funny to think of what that same reaction would be on beaches all around the world whenever somebody goes over the falls. Imagine a fully staffed precinct at First Point Malibu.


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