Surf & Ocean Photographer

The Inertia

It’s taken six years to develop a style that is unique. I asked myself, “why not experiment with double exposures?” It isn’t easy to create a unique look in a world with people like Clark Little, known for his work in shore breaks, or Ray Collins and the way he captures light.

For the record, I don’t consider myself in that arena. I never talk up my photography and I am always super humble about it, but I am stoked that I have a style that has been drawing compliments like “this is really unique” and “I haven’t seen anything like this before.” To me, these are bigger compliments than someone simply saying great photo.

I love where my photography is going in an artistic way. There are a few individuals (Ted Wiltshire, Aaron chapmanJay Jermyn, and Filsoper) around the Gold Coast region that have been super supportive and have helped to develop new techniques to keep this unique approach evolving, so stay tuned.

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