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The Inertia

Justine Dupont is not afraid of giant waves. Well, she likely is a little bit — if a big wave surfer ever tells you they’re not scared, they’re lying — but she deals with that fear in a way that enables her to focus on the task at hand. It’s a key mindset that most, if not all, big wave surfers have to try and master, and Justine Dupont is about as close to mastering something un-masterable as one can get. But as far as relativity goes, it could be said that Justine Dupont is relatively unafraid of giant waves. Case in point: the absolutely ridiculous bomb at Jaws on January 16.

Things got huge at Maui’s most frightening wave, and as you’re reading this (unless you’re reading it a few weeks after we wrote it, of course), things are still getting huger. More huge? Whatever. It’s very big right now. But on the January 16, the folks at Powerlines Productions were in the channel watching a session that will likely go down in history, and they captured Justine on a bomb that she’ll never, ever forget.

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