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The Inertia

There are a lot of surf edits hitting the internet every single day. Between Instagram and Youtube, one could quite easily pass an entire day watching back-to-back three minute clips. What’s interesting, though, is that in an effort to stand out, many of the surf edits have gone from action-packed to art-driven. Straight up surf porn kind of became a thing of the past, and in that effort to stand out, all those artsy little edits with their 35 mm film and weird, vibrant overlays became the norm. Now, a bit of surf porn stands out from the rest. And that’s what O’Neill’s latest internet offering is: Jordy Smith, Eli Olson, Brett Barley, Soli Bailey, Ian Crane, Jake Kelley, Timmy Reyes, and Dwight Pastrana going ham on the North Shore.


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