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Way, way back in 1989, when Madonna was like a prayering and Milli Vanilli was lying about singing, Disney created Typhoon Lagoon. It was basically Rick Kane’s wave, although that was already a real thing at Arizona’s Big Surf. What we’re getting at is that wave pools in 1989 were not very good. Now that the Surf Ranch is here and BSR is there and NLand is too, Typhoon Lagoon’s wave looks… well, just plain mushy. But one must remember that it is indeed one of the O.G. wave pools. And what would Super Mario Odyssey be without the original Super Mario Bros.? It would be nothing! It would not exist!

So here, in all its glory, is a compilation of the many times a man named Kevin Engelhardt “has shot friends and clients surfing the wave pool at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.” In a few short years will we be looking at the original wave pools in the same nostalgic way we look at the original Super Mario Bros.?



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