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For Bethany Hamilton, this is only the beginning. Photo: Kickstarter

For Bethany Hamilton, this is only the beginning. Photo: Kickstarter

The Inertia

It has been 10 years since a tiger shark took Bethany Hamilton’s arm while she was surfing. Though it would’ve been easy to give up on her dream, Hamilton continued to pursue her passion. Today, it is safe to say that the inspirational blond-haired girl from Kauai has not only defied the odds in overcoming a life-threatening injury, but has managed to come out on top without asking for much help.

However, today, she is asking for help — your help.

With the goal of encouraging girls to follow their passions and chase their dreams, Hamilton has teamed up with filmmaker Aaron Lieber to create a documentary aptly titled Surfs Like a Girl. The documentary will have two parts. Part one will be a showcase of Hamilton’s technical surfing skills and her passion for being a professional surfer. Part two will take viewers off the waves and into Hamilton’s personal, emotional, and spiritual journey from shark-attack victim to professional surfer. By sharing her journey, Hamilton hopes to encourage girls around the world to follow their dreams, no matter where their own journey may take them.

How is she asking for help? Through the crowdfunding of this project in the way of a Kickstarter campaign. Donations can be made in amounts ranging from $1 to $10,000 and incentives include having your name in the film credits, a bag of swag from Hamilton’s sponsors and a signed copy of the Soul Surfer DVD.

Please, take the time to donate to this documentary film project. Help Hamilton share her journey and encourage girls worldwide to stop at nothing to pursue their dreams. Hamilton likes to tell people, “#IGotThis.” Let’s show some support and tell her, “#WeGotThis.”

To support Bethany Hamilton’s project, visit her Kickstarter campaign homepage and learn how to be involved with this initiative..


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