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As Firewire’s fearless leader, Mark Price has been integral in ensuring Firewire’s environmental ethos was baked into the company’s DNA from day one. Photo: Firewire

The Inertia

Surfing is often characterized by a single, great contradiction: surfers generally care about the ocean but ride equipment made of petroleum-based chemicals and materials that are horrible for the environment. It’s a drum we’ve been beating for some time that you’re likely well aware of. Thankfully innovative board builders have taken up the mantle over the years and are doing what they can to make their space a little less harmful to the planet.

On a smaller scale, you’ve got shops like Earth Technologies in the South Bay of Los Angeles pioneering the latest in green materials. On the other end, there’s Firewire – a board building behemoth that’s taking cleaner processes and implementing them at scale (click here for a fascinating chat between them).

For Firewire’s part, the company’s CEO, Mark Price, is bullish when it comes to protecting the planet. Price recently joined the hosts of Wired magazine’s Gadget Lab podcast to talk about Firewire’s sustainability efforts, Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD project, the future of wool surfboards, and more. Skip ahead to 19:11 to cut right to the interview, and nerd out on your drive home.


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