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The Inertia

Jealousy is a real thing. It’s not a phony social construct like time. No, Jealousy exists. And it’s natural. It’s human. It’s even healthy.

You should feel it while watching this and recognizing it’s how Taj Burrow has started off his year in Oz. That uncomfortable knot in the pit of your stomach, a tiny little seed of rage taking root inside of you. It’s jealousy. There’s even a very real possibility that while you’re reading about and watching these three minutes of drone footage, Taj very well may be getting barreled some more. Right now. Like, right now. So be mad. Be offended that Taj Burrow and company have just surfed this and you haven’t.

Oh, wait. We meant froth, not jealousy.


Yeah, this video should make you feel that. Now go surf. Thanks, Taj.


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