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The Inertia

Let’s make no bones about it: Dylan Wilcoxen is a lucky kid. The 14-year-old lives with his family in the Mentawais. He surfs amazing waves. That said, this was an exceptionally well-surfed wave at an unnamed spot. The takeoff, the line choice, the style. Yeah, if it doesn’t make you want to book a boat trip….well, you need to check your pulse.

And Dylan was apparently surfing it alone. Here’s the description from his pops: “We’re used to seeing Dylan in deeper barrels than this, but what is impressive about this one is that Dylan is out there all alone, not another surfer in the water for miles. It was an ‘off season’ swell and no one in the area wanted anything to do with a wave like this. We pulled up on a Jet Ski – me, Dylan, and a videographer, and Dylan saw these waves breaking in the middle of nowhere and there was absolutely no hesitation. He dove off the Ski and charged! It’s easier to charge big waves when you have some buddies in the water providing emotional support, maybe even easier when it’s downright crowded and most of your concentration is going towards just getting a wave. But when it’s just you and the deep ocean, and big scary dragons to slay, that’s a whole different deal. You have to have your head screwed on tight and Dylan did not flinch, he got straight out there and got the job done. I was impressed.”

He’s not the only one.


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