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Brisa Hennessy has what one could call a very good life. Sure, she must have issues just like the rest of us, but from an outsider’s perspective, Brisa Hennessy is living inside one of our dreams. She was born and, for the first nine years of her life raised, in Costa Rica. “It’s where I found my love for surfing,” she says, “and it’s kind of one of my homes.” Now, she lives part-time on Namotu Island in Fiji, which ain’t a bad place. She’s aware of just how great it is, too. “I think Namotu is one of the most special places on the planet. It’s a miracle and a mystery, really, of how diverse and how many different waves there are in just this small area. It’s pretty endless.”

The video you see above is part of the World Surf League’s Lawn Patrol series, which is basically MTV Cribs but with surfers. Brisa’s Fiji crib is a refreshing one, because it’s not overly lavish. It’s a beautiful home in a beautiful place, but it’s not a mansion with a Lambo parked in the driveway. Instead, it’s a place with some of the best waves in the world at her doorstep, some of the best fishing in the ocean, and as she says, “if we have our family and we have the ocean… that’s home.”

See more episodes of Lawn Patrol on Worldsurfleague.com.


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