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The Inertia

Last week, the dudes behind the self-proclaimed Ponto Troll Crew and Team Wavestorm opened the floodgates. Every summer, sometimes multiple times per year, a call goes out via Instagram: Be at Tamarack at such and such time on such and such day. Bring a foamie and maybe a first-aid kit and leave the bad vibes at home. And wouldn’t you know it, the hordes descend.

So, when the call went out early last week that it was on for Friday, everyone and their mother in a ten-mile radius grabbed a foamie and headed to Tamarack. The carnage above speaks for itself. As the videographer says to a buddy: “You’re not done till you’re bleedin’.”

You may recall Team Wavestorm and Kook of the Day got into it a bit over Instagram earlier this week – something about some participants maybe or maybe not leaving their foamie on the beach. Whatever the truth of the matter is, it’s worth reiterating here what Nate R. behind the Team Wavestorm Instagram account told us recently in an email: “Beach cleanup and stewardship is important to instill in the surfing community.” So have fun, and keep your local clean!


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