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The Inertia

Sometimes (read: most of the time), human development along coastal areas has a habit of ruining local surf spots. There are innumerable breaks around the globe that have died as a result of the construction of a marina, a breakwater, due to dredging, and more. But on rare occasions, development leads to the creation of a freak wave completely by accident. The Wedge in north Orange County is one such example. And its cousin of sorts sits at a place called Tarkwa Bay located just outside the world’s largest city, Lagos, Nigeria.

In Dylan Graves and Vans’ flagship web series, Weird Waves, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing Graves surf tidal bores, river waves, and glacier waves – all weird but very few world-class. A wedge off a jetty may be more orthodox in surf but it still qualifies as weird and ranks much higher on the “looks like fun” scale. In this ep., Graves and Dane Gudauskas rip turns and get tubed with the locals all while diving deeply into the country’s nascent surf culture.


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