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Photo courtesy of Body Glove

Photo Courtesy of Body Glove.

The Inertia

They make it look easy on tour, but for professional surfers and athletes, it isn’t always so simple to find the perfect balance between competition, training, and resting. With the first Championship Tour event only a countdown away, we got some insight into how Tatiana Weston-Webb has been staying fit and healthy as she prepares for another action-packed season.

It may come as a surprise, but Tati has not been following a strict training regimen or doing further traveling. Instead, her approach is much more intuitive. “I’ve been enjoying my time off and I’ve been surfing as much as possible. When I’m not surfing, I like to hangout with my friends, hike, swim, and do any physical activities that are outside,” Tati explained, who initially put her training on pause when the 2015 tour finished in December.

Photo courtesy of Body Glove

Photo Courtesy of Body Glove.

“Last year I learned a huge lesson. I was home almost a total of only two months, and that wasn’t enough for me. I’m super busy because I’m doing both the WQS and the WCT, but I’m going to try to be home as much as possible in 2016.”

Though surfing is her priority, Tati makes sure to put in her time on land. When she’s in Hawaii, she spends her training days with Kahea Hart, and when she’s in California with Ryan Gallop of NAKOA Fitness. “I train as much as possible with mostly body weight. I work on balance, cardio, and fast twitch movements. I also roll and stretch as much as possible.”


When she’s on the road, Tati admits to needing some extra focus, “It’s really hard to be motivated by myself, but I’m learning to have more self-discipline and make myself train at least two to three times a week. I eat as healthy as possible, and drink lots of water.”

During long flights or layovers, Tatiana often packs her own snacks, “I love bringing nuts with me. They are a good source of protein and healthy fats. I love dried fruits too.”

Photo Courtesy of Banzai Bowls.

Photo Courtesy of Banzai Bowls.

Like most of us, Tatiana does have her sweet and salty cravings, but most of the time she sticks to what she knows works, and that doesn’t mean following the latest trends.

“One thing is for sure, I eat a lot. I have a really fast metabolism, so I definitely don’t have a shortage of food before a contest. I make sure that the food I eat before competing is easy to digest so I don’t wake up the next day feeling heavy.”

This includes lots of healthy carbs and tons of veggies. Right before a heat, it’s more about the mental game. “The day of competition I try to keep my mind as clear as possible and have a simple game plan to follow. When I simplify everything, it’s a different approach that calms me and makes me certain.”

Tatiana has certainly set herself up for another impressive year. Her rookie stats alone included 1st place at the WQS Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro, 2nd Place at the WCT Roxy Pro France, and 10 other top-five finishes in 2015. Whether she’s in the midst of competition or navigating a calendar-filled off season, Tati looks like she’s got it dialed in.