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If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and missed the Corona Open J-Bay as it was happening, you could be forgiven. The timing might seriously mess up your work day if you tried to watch live. But given the fantastic conditions, you couldn’t be forgiven if you missed the highlights. Barrels, big walls, even air sections (for the brave) were on offer. Pretty much a surfer’s dream. Ethan Ewing and Tatiana Weston-Webb certainly had their dreams come true, as both became event champions in South Africa while you were sleeping.

Yes, both surfers continued dream runs in the 2021-2022 seasons, as each is firmly planted in the number three spot, set to compete for a world title at Trestles (they still have to perform at Chopes). And there still could be movement ahead of the final event in Tahiti August 11-21 but several surfers secured their spots in the world title tournament. Filipe Toledo, Jack Robinson (who made the finals here, continuing an insane streak this season), Johanne Defay, and Carissa Moore (who made the semis at J-Bay) are all in.

Just ahead is Teahupo’o, with careers on the line and more spots in the WSL Final to be secured. And the place is seeing an epic run of swell this summer.


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