The Inertia

I’m still not sure if I should be impressed or feel completely uncomfortable by Sterling Spencer’s Gold. What I do know is it gave me goose bumps and continuous chuckles for 45 minutes when the film came out in 2015. Totally unique in its scene set up and design, Sterling Spencer added another successful hobby to his surfing career through Gold while munching down on banana pancakes with Jack Johnson, high-fiving Rob Machado and talking over shaping issues with Danny Tanner…I mean Bob Saget (Yes, even he’s in this film).

But of course we can’t forget, this is a surf film. They dragged the surf world through both confusion and praise while capturing what I believe to be the most unique surf film we’ve ever seen. It’s Throwback Thursday today, so what better time to flash back to a time not too long ago and bask in the gift Sterling Spencer gave us known as Gold?

Catch the full film here. Happy TBT.



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