The Inertia

Teahupo’o had all the ingredients for an XXL recipe this week. Tuesday, we saw the biggest Teahupo’o swell of the past three years.

The forecast called for 8 to 12-foot waves, so plenty of Tahitians of were ready in the morning: Matahi Drollet, Tikanui Smith, Mateia Hiquily, Heiarii Williams, Enrique Ariitu, Matehau Tetopata and the legend Vetea Poto David. Paddlers took some bombs, Matahi Drollet and another surfer hit the reef, and at one point, Enrique Ariitu took a bomb that was at least 20 feet.

The bomb of the day was taken by the young gun, 15-year-old Kaulii Vaast.


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