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Photo: Screenshot

Photo: Screenshot

The Inertia

Does anything ever work as advertised anymore? In another show that, ultimately, nature is not to be f***** with, a teenager surfing at Avalon State Park north of West Palm Beach was bitten by what doctors think was a blacktip shark. And he was wearing a Sharkbanz bracelet, designed to repel the animals with its magnetic thing-a-ma-jiggies.

“The first time I wore it, I get bit,” Zack Davis told a local news station. The shark bit Davis as he had his hand near the sand and held on for what the teen estimates was no more than three seconds. “It was like, shocking,” Davis said. “It wasn’t really painful. (But) I was just like, ‘oh my gosh, I need to do something with this quick.’ So I just took my leash from my board and wrapped it around my arm because I didn’t want to lose any blood.”

Davis received a mess of stitches to repair the wound and his mother seriously wants her money back.

“What happened here is essentially the rarest of shark encounters where Zack jumped off his board and pretty much landed on the shark,” said Sharkbanz co-founder Nathan Garrison. “If anything it probably helped clear the shark out of the area quicker.”

That’s one theory. Nature is cool. But it can be kind of a bitch, too.


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