Just one of the raddest things at the Agenda show.

Just one of the raddest things at the Agenda show. Photo: Dan LeMaitre

The Inertia

Twice a year, Agenda, a lifestyle fashion trade show, descends upon Long Beach, CA. The show  has grown to become an opportunity for hundreds of unique brands, many of which are from the worlds of surf, skate, or snow, to show off their new products. We had the opportunity to attend the event this year, and spoke with many brands about the products that they’re most excited about, and got pretty excited ourselves! The following is a list of the 10 raddest things we’d like to report back to you. Get psyched!

1. Patagonia Yulex Wetsuit


Patagonia’s new Yulex suit, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional neoprene. Photo: Dan LeMaitre

Patagonia’s tagline for this particular wetsuit is “from seed to suit.” That’s because over the past four-and-a-half years, they’ve developed an alternative to traditional neoprene they call Yulex. Derived from a desert plant called guayule, Yulex is renewable resource. It can be produced in a way that is more sustainable than typical wetsuit production. We’re excited about this suit and Patagonia’s initiative to develop unique solutions to dirty practices they identify in the surf industry.

2. Poler Stuff Rooftop Tent


LeTent, by Polar Outdoor Stuff. Imagine having this on your next surf adventure! Photo: Dan LeMaitre

Poler is a Portland, Oregon based company known for making useful products for enjoying the outdoors. In an effort to give your camping experience ultimate mobility, they’ve released a rooftop tent, called LeTent, that mounts on any car that can facilitate Thule or Yakima bars. For the road tripping surfer, this tent is a necessity, and turns anywhere into a campsite. Imagining the possibilities of where you can take this tent just invokes thoughts of freedom and the open road.

3. E-Tech Surfboards


A detailed look at one of the shapes being glassed over by E-Tech. Photo: Dan LeMaitre

At the show, the guys from E-Tech were doing live glassing demonstrations. The most amazing thing was they weren’t wearing masks, and the strong characteristic smell of resin was completely gone. This is because they glass boards with USDA certified bio-resin instead of typical polyurethane resin. They also utilize Marko Foam’s Enviro Foam EPS blanks, which are 60% recycled material. The result is the boards are lighter and stronger than boards made of PU resin. E-Tech is one of a handful of companies producing surfboards for Sustainablesurf.org‘s EcoBoard project. With forward thinking surfboard manufacturers now producing more environmentally friendly surfboards without sacrificing quality or performance, the hope is that the industry as a whole will follow suit.

4. Electric Tide Watches


Stylish? Check. Functional? Check. Photo: Dan LeMaitre

For the surfing/working stiff, watches can be an identity crisis. You either have to sacrifice professionalism for a colorful digital tide watch, or sacrifice tide knowledge at hand for something classier. Luckily, Electric has come up with a way to have the best of both worlds with their upcoming (Spring 2015) release of analog tide watches. It won’t tell you the height of the tides, but with the push of a button the second hand will spin around to tell you how many hours from high or low tide your local break is. Finally a watch that you can surf with, but don’t have to hide during board meetings.

5. Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell


Portable tunes from this durable beast on your next surf trip? Right on. Photo: Dan LeMaitre

Outdoor Technology is probably the coolest new company you’ve never heard of. Specializing in wireless audio for active lifestyles, one of their coolest products is called the Big Turtle Shell. This portable wireless speaker connects to any device with bluetooth or an audio jack, and is perfect for beach days, camping, or even parties. It’s shock proof, water resistant, and can even charge your phone through its USB port!

6. Uppercut Deluxe Pomade


An uppercut for your head. Photo: Dan LeMaitre

Uppercut is an Australian company devoted to classic style and the traditional barbershop approach to male grooming. Their deluxe pomade was developed by barbers, and is quite possibly the best thing you can do for your hair. It smells great, has serious hold, and will keep you looking good.

7. Leica T Camera


The Leica T, JJF approved! Photo: Dan LeMaitre

Super intuitive, the Leica T Camera is beautiful in its simplicity. Anyone from the seasoned surf photographer with a quiver of cameras to the traveling surfer that just happens to like photography can appreciate how rad this camera is. Leica has become famous in the surf world most recently with the endorsement of John John Florence, but Leica has been producing high quality cameras for 100 years, and the Leica T doesn’t deviate from the level of quality Leica is famous for. Whether you shoot film or digital, Leica can help you produce high quality images.

8. GoPro 3 Way Arm


GoPro’s newest addition to their line of accessories, the 3-way mount. Photo: Dan LeMaitre

The GoPro 3 Way mount is one of GoPro’s newest most versatile accessories. With the potential to be used as a handle, an extension pole with two joints, or a tripod, this mount allows you to switch up the way your shooting on the fly. The possibilities for this mount, whether it’s surf or otherwise, are endless!

9. Hurley Printing Press


Hurley’s wood-printing press. Photo: Dan LeMaitre

This year, Hurley set up a new variation to the printing press from last year’s show. The message behind the Hurley Printing Press is that people either have the opportunity to make or witness a t-shirt being hand printed for them. Instead of hand screening shirts this year, they used wood block printing techniques to make one of a kind t-shirts for attendees of the show. Because each shirt was handmade, each one came out in a unique way. In an age of mass production, it’s cool to see that there still exists an appreciation and perpetuation of craftsmanship.

10. Captain Fin Dion Agius Fins & FCS compatibility


Ahoy, FCS users! Soon you’ll be able to fit these bad boys into your plugs! Photo: Dan LeMaitre

When we talked to the guys at Captain Fin, they were excited about two things in particular. The first is their release of Dion Agius’ signature fin (which is still upcoming). The second is the release of fins that will now be compatible with the FCS two tab system. This is big news because, until now, Captain’s shortboard fins have only been available for Futures fin boxes. Now, for FCS plug diehards, you can get your hands on Captain fins too!

11. Rip Curl Search GPS Watch


Features. So many features. Photo: Rip Curl

Last, but certainly not least. Rip Curl recently unveiled this bad boy, and you should be excited. Why, you ask? Well, Rip Curl’s new Search GPS Watch has an extensive list of badass features. Standouts include wave tracking technology, 10-hour battery life, cloud-syncing technology, assisted GPS and a one touch auto-set feature that allows you to easily set tide and time data for your home break, or 1,360 other locations around the planet! The wave tracking technology allows you to record wave counts, distance paddled, top speed and session time, making this watch the perfect tool for the training/competing surfer.


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