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The Inertia

Now that Memorial Day Weekend is over, it sure as hell feels like summer. There’s a funny thing about summer, too. One minute you’re lusting for its warmth, the innate freedom that accompanies the season’s onset, and the happiness all that Vitamin D brings you. The next minute, you’re barely out the door, your clothes instantly stuck to you in a puddle of sweat, cursing the sun for following your every step, nary a respite for the sun-drenched and weary. It’s a polarizing season, no doubt. Wanna know what’s not polarizing, though? A heaping helping of some beautiful images we’ve had the pleasure of bringing to your eyeballs all month long. If there’s one thing we can all agree is delightful, it’s excellent photography. Enjoy!

We didn’t include the mini-portfolios from EMERGE, our celebration of the 11 best up-and-coming photographers, but we wouldn’t want you to miss out. Here they are.


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