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They say the reason a car accident causes traffic on the opposite side of a freeway is that people can’t help but slow down and stare. Rubbernecking they call it. The same could be said for the most talented surfer in the lineup on an epic day. At one point in the video above we count at least 11 heads watching Reubyn Ash on a screamer.

According to the video description on this one, this was during Britain’s dance with Atlantic storm Brian. “Forming and increasing in power as it swept across the Atlantic Ocean, intimidatingly named storm, Brian, battered the coasts of Britain on Saturday 21st of October, 2017,” the description reads. “With winds of up to 78mph (125km/h) flights were cut and ferries stopped whilst the charts showed forecasts predicting all-time swells. Unfazed by his menace, Reubyn and Miles were keen to make Brian’s acquaintance and to see if the predictions of mega peelers would hold true.”

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