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Owen Wright, owning it. Photo: ASP/Kirstin

Owen Wright, owning it. Photo: ASP/Kirstin

The Inertia

There has never been a surfing contest like the one that just went down in Tahiti. It was as perfect as perfect gets – everything lined up just right, and the waves sat on that very thin line between paddle and tow. The best surfers in the world were pulling back on massive, squared-out monsters. But they were also charging as hard as they could, and more high scores dropped than perhaps any other contest. Nines became the norm. Tens were pretty common – and not tens that’ll have anyone questioning the judges. These were tens that no one doubted. As the contest moved on, Teahupoo got bigger and better… and so did the scores. Here are the tens. They’re amazing.

Nathan Hedge: Round 2

John John Florence: Round 3


Kai Otton: Round 3


Owen Wright: Round 5

Bede Durbidge: QF

Kelly Slater: Quaterfinals


Kelly Slater: Semifinals

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