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After five years in the making, veteran big wave filmmaker Tim Bonython’s most ambitious project just became available for purchase on October 30. The award-winning Aussie lensman is making his 98-minute film, “The Big Wave Project: A Band of Brothers” available to the public, following a tour of select theaters.

His documentation of the elite big wave community follows the surfers around the world as they chase some of the best swells of the past few decades, and come together to save one another’s hides. The film features some of the most accomplished hellmen in the sport, including Jamie Mitchell, Aaron Gold, Mark Healey, Ryan Hipwood, Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker, Billy Kemper, Keala Kennelly, Makua Rothman, Greg Long, and Alex Gray.

Among the notable events Bonython covered was the unholy bomb that Aaron Gold paddled into at Peahi in January 2016 that may be biggest wave ever stroked into. Bonython captured swells at Jaws, Nazare, Cloudbreak, Teahupo’o, and Australian freakshows The Right, Shipsterns and Pedra Branca.

Bonython, known for shooting big waves exclusively, has been making surf films since the late ’70s. The film sold out theaters in Australia and garnered Maui Film Festival’s Best Action Documentary award.

Watch ‘The Big Wave Project’ here.


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