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A surf session at Trestles is a full on mission. You have to fight for a parking spot, trudge a mile down the San Onofre State Park Trail, then battle a mass of groms and pros for your chance at that perfect, peeling skate park known as Lowers. It’s a lot of work. But when you finally get a good one somehow it’s still worth the effort.

The byproduct of that trek down the San O State Park Trail is the different ways people get from their car to the lineup with their board and wetsuit in tow. And for those that make this a regular endeavor there is certainly  a selection of “alternative” modes of transportation, speeding up the mile-long-trail-walk process. In terms of speed, these new modes of transport put the simple bike or skateboard to shame. But honestly, some of them just don’t feel right.

So, without further ado, here is the (constantly evolving) list of inappropriate Trestles Trail transportation:


1. The Recumbent Bike:


If you want to ride your bike down the trail, then sling your board under your arm and get after it. But please do not go buy a recumbent bike, which can cost upwards of $1,000, just to prove you have the latest and greatest of bikes. Bikes are a simple vehicle that fulfill a simple purpose. Let’s keep it that way.

Verdict: Always unacceptable.

2. Scooters:



Look at the thing. Heck, there’s even an “adult” version known as the Daymak Photon Scooter. This baby runs on solar energy, has speakers, an alarm system and a USB charger all for only 330$. You know what cost one third the price of this scooter? A skateboard. Not to mention you get to keep your dignity with the skateboard. Children age seven and younger are permitted to ride simple razor scooters. But honestly, even most children know that watching someone glide across the pavement on a scooter while standing upright is just plain weird. Scooters should be avoided whenever possible.

Verdict: Acceptable…if you’re younger than seven years old. 

3. Electric Skateboards:

No. No. No. No. Listen, skateboarding is already a synthetic version of walking. We do not need a synthetic version of a synthetic version. Humans have become way too advanced and electric skateboards will be remembered in 20 years as “progress traps.” They are a mistake. Do not let the sales associate at your local sporting goods store tell you these are a good idea. Trust me, the brakes will fail and you will die.

Verdict: Why did this even cross your mind?

4. Hoverboards:


Hey, if you can afford one, and you have the electric surfboard to match it, might as well indulge. Imagine the look on the face of all the suckers walking, skating and biking the trail as you glide past, head held high and self-confidence levels even higher. And for all the haters, just burn them by using your electric surfboard to take off a full ten yards outside the pack.

Verdict: Totally acceptable, as long as you have the matching electric surfboard

Author’s note: When in doubt, walk, bike or skate. There is a certain beauty in simplicity and tradition, especially in regard to surfing. Fight the intrinsic human desire to constantly progress.


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