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The Inertia

Canggu is a pretty wonderful place. Uluwatu just a hop skip and a jump away. Australian coffee. Indonesian food. Incense smoke drifts in the warm air, mixing with the exhaust from buzzing mopeds. A mix of tourism and localism that tickles the fancy in all the right places. Old Man’s, the River Mouth, Echo Beach; waves of all shapes and sizes for all levels of surfers — like we said, it’s a wonderful place. A few days ago, the swell breathed in a deep breath and jumped up a few notches at Sandbar Left in Canggu, doing that thing it does. You know the thing. The thing where it grows as it goes, then occasionally tripping over itself in its excitment, presenting an easy-access tube available for anyone who can pop up and set a line. See above for an example. The best in the bunch is the very first wave.


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