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The Inertia

Mason Ho has been releasing a fun little series of videos called Mason’s Medieval Madness. It’s a six-part series that follows along as he chases a wave he first surfed a decade ago on a surf trip with Sunny Garcia and Chris Ward.

As the story goes, when they first spotted the little slab, to the untrained eye, it didn’t look all that surfable. “While watching it, Mason mentioned the wave might be rideable,” Mason’s YouTube channel explained. “That’s when Wardo and Uncle Sunny made a simple bet with Mason and it was… ‘Let’s see it!’”

So with his eyes on the prize, Mason made the trip. The series has been a good one, and this, sadly, is the final installment. Not sadly, though, is the fact that Mason found the wave and surfed it at both its full potential, and his.


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