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GOLDEN TICKET: With just 24 hours left in the #pitchtorich #VOOM competition, we have released a chance to have free waves for life for you and your family at The Wave Bristol. In case you’re out of the loop, that means free waves for life. Yup. Perfect waves for you. Forever. For free.

And any week you cannot get there, the session will be donated to the local Children’s Hospice for terminally ill kids.

You may sit there thinking “Why bother voting? These guys are the other side of the world…”


THAT’S THE POINT! You might win. In which case, the kids hospice gets to use it every week you don’t! That’s perfect!!

There has never been a better reason to not go surfing!

Not to mention, if we win, that means Richard Branson is part of the tribe, and will help support us in making the Wave Bristol and artificial waves as amazing as both can possibly be. That’s a good thing.

To back track for a second, about two weeks ago, I found myself trying to sit and calm my nerves in a coffee bar in SOHO London, rattling a cup with nerves and probably feeling similar to getting ready for a three-man heat with John John and Kelly at giant Teahupoo. My heart was racing like never before. I was due to meet Richard Branson’s team to talk about “The Wave Bristol” and see if I would be shortlisted for the semi-finals in his latest competition Pitch to Rich. What ensued was a combination of speed dating and The Apprentice as I opened up fully the vision, rationale, and plans for The Wave.

So now we are semifinalists and we need the help of the entire surf community. For us to win the prize of marketing support from Virgin would catapult the project into the big league. The quality of material we could produce would be out of this world. Plus, pitching to Mr Virgin himself would be an epic experience! We reckon he would get the project, totally. His passion for business, extreme sports and social uplift is pretty much unrivaled…


So help us make it happen, and win a lifetime of perfect waves in the process with the chance to win the Golden Ticket. To qualify, VOTE here at and send a confirmation email to with 3 friends copied in.

Spread it around all your friends. Together we can make waves of positive change!

The Wave Bristol. It could be real! And with Richard Branson!

The Wave Bristol. It could be real! And with Richard Branson!


Only the best. We promise.


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