The Inertia

Maybe you’ve heard of the WSL’s newest show on Facebook Watch, “Get Sent?” The web show launched back in July and features Chad Kroeger and JT Parr diving into the WSL’s vault of footage every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday to, according to the show’s description, “bring you the most stoke-inducing, action-packed, inspiring and funny moments from the surf world and beyond!”

But these guys have been at satire for a while now. Long before their “Get Sent” gig, Kroeger and Parr would turn up at city council meetings across Southern California defending Bird scooters in Hollywood because of the “tremendous joy traveling from poké shop to smoothie shop on [the] wonderful chariots,” they pitched San Clemente on erecting a Paul Walker statue. And they even defended the rights of Los Angelenos’ to throw house parties.

The latter got the attention of Fox News personality and host of “Watters’ World,” Jesse Watters, to bring the so-called “Party Bros” on the show back in December of last year. And since they’ve been go-to color commentators on everything from a Democratic memo and military parades to President Trump’s visit to California to immigration.

Recently, the Party Bros appeared on “Watters’ World” under the auspices of talking about the anonymous op-ed that appeared in the New York Times last week authored by a senior official in the Trump Administration. When they appeared on camera, though, Watters couldn’t help but notice Kroeger and Parr had bleached their hair.

“Whaddup, Jesse,” said Kroeger. “It’s come to our attention that the coral in the ocean is bleaching itself ’cause it’s so stressed… it’s actually not cool when it bleaches itself… so JT and I bleached our hair to stand in solidarity with the coral.”

That the Party Bros would use their Fox News in to divert the conversation to climate change is some seriously advanced level trolling. Not to mention, we can’t be sure both guys are even using their real names since Chad Kroeger is also the stage name of Nickelback’s lead singer.

Kroeger and Parr go on to say they hope the move becomes like the Ice Bucket Challenge, a campaign that went viral back in 2015, raising awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease, or ALS. Kroeger challenged Warren Buffett and Parr challenged Jeff Bezos to bleach their hair to raise awareness on behalf of coral – Buffett, of course, is fully gray, and Bezos has a shaved head.

To their credit, Kroeger and Parr encourage their viewers to donate to the Coral Reef Alliance, “if you got the spare scratch.”


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