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The Inertia Film and Photo Challenge 2021: Short Profile Film

The Inertia

Can a man sell enough empanadas to fly himself all the way to Australia? Three-thousand, five-hundred, to be exact? What goes into getting that one perfect shot? Do we truly appreciate the depth of artistry behind giving a surfboard new life? Or even building one from scratch, for that matter?

We asked talented filmmakers to tell us unique and compelling stories about people doing great things in surf and outdoor culture. From uncovering the magic of the seemingly mundane to celebrating the extraordinary accomplishments of extraordinary individuals, these were just some of the questions storytellers asked in their work.

With nearly 1,000 submissions (916 total) featuring picture-perfect barrels and overhead views of the ocean, we were floored by your creativity and talent. Narrowing the field down to a final eight was an imperfect, subjective, and painstaking process; Certainly, there were submissions that a different set of eyes might have viewed as winners; so we humbly submit this batch of finalists acknowledging the task of determining a winner is a fool’s errand. But we committed to it, so we’re seeing it through and excited to dish out $1,000 cash to the winning videographer. Vote for your favorite here. We will announce the winners on March 15, 2021.

Without further ado, here are eight finalists in the Short Profile Film category in The Inertia’s Film & Photo Challenge 2021 presented by White Claw with support from Manera.

Public voting is now open and ends on Sunday, March 14th! Vote here now.

Congratulations to all who participated, and best of luck to the finalists.

Finalists (in no particular order)

Kyle Stuart – Foam Wrangler 
From trash to trim, from garbage to glide, a surfboard’s renaissance starts with a board shedding its skin. Malibu-based ceramic artist Daniel George takes unwanted foam and transforms it into surfboards.

Projectinspo – Empanadas for Sale
When life throws you rocks, you have the choice to build a wall or a bridge. This is a coming-of-age story following a young man overcoming a debilitating injury to leave his small hometown and follow his dream of finding the perfect wave on the other side of the world

Christian Habberstad – Getting the Shot

Christian shows us what it’s like to get the best surf imagery possible in heavy waves breaking over shallow reef. Hold your breath.

Hannah Walsh – Immerse Yourself
Spencer Kruse Dunlap shines a light on the beauty of minimalism, wave sliding, and the sheer power of immersion in nature. If you ever need him, you will surely find him frolicking in Costa Rican waters.

Ethan Jolly – Asthon Pickle
A short narrative featuring Ashton Pickle of AH Vessels, a local shaper from San Clemente, California.

Kalani Minihan – Homemade
Professional surfers are usually known for just that: professional surfing. But what about the alternative stylish side? Wyatt McHale just recently started shaping his own boards. We thought it’d be interesting to hear his insight on what his next steps are in shaping alternative equipment with local craftsmen in Hawaii. A film to make you feel good, and want to surf.

Jan Stone Alvaro – Shaping with GuillenCrafts
Businesses took a hit during the pandemic and micro-businesses took it the hardest. Follow Jacob Guillen’s story of running a small business and how shaping goes beyond building a watercraft.

Tucker Wooding – What were you doing at 12 years old?
A short film about 12-year-old surfer Steve ‘Baby’ Roberson from Maui, Hawaii, who’s changing the game in big wave surfing.

Public voting is open until midnight PT Sunday, March 14th. Vote for your favorite here.


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