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Lineup shots have a certain magic to them, an allure. They’re the siren’s song of surfing, calling on us to imagine what we might do with such a canvas, or wave, we see in the image. As well as the classic, zoomed-out beach angle, there were some photos in the “Lineup” category of the The Inertia Film & Photo Challenge, presented by White Claw that changed our perspective on what constitutes a “lineup” photo. Is it a zoomed-out picture shot from the beach? A view from above? No one out? One person out? The question’s rhetorical: lineups are, without a doubt, all this and more.

We got a lot of incredible entries, nearly 500 to be exact, each bringing something unique and noteworthy to the table. With so many photos, choosing a few finalists per category is a monumental challenge, so to all of you who got out there with a camera in hand and chose to share that moment of perfection with us – whether it was a quick pic before suiting up or a shot you waited hours for – thank you.

Without further ado, here are the eight finalists in the Lineups category, presented by Parkit, in no particular order. One of these talented people will win $1,000, to be awarded on April 30, 2022, at Traveler Surf Club & Coastal Outpost in Malibu.

Golden Lines by @sguixs.

A Solid Winter Swell by @paulgreene.

Lunch Time by @joshuatabone.

One Last Ride by @seb.picaud.

Worth the Climb by @bradylaw.

Rock Slab by @trentslatterphoto.

Once in a Lifetime by @thefrogeye.

Chicama Lines by @jansen_journals.

Editor’s Note: Finalists have been selected by The Inertia editorial team. Winners will be selected by averaging the scores of three judging groups: The Inertia editorial team, a jury of esteemed photographers and cinematographers, and public vote via Instagram


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