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This has been quite a year. Each year is. Because when you think about it, twelve months provides the perfect measuring stick. Twelve months is just enough time to make a few impactful decisions (consciously or not) that generate some serious momentum. It’s even enough time to reverse course a few times. Change paths.

While we’ve made a point to pack as many thoughtful words as we can into the last twelve months, we’d like to change our tune a bit with this feature and let the photographs do the talking for a change.

The following pages exhibit a sampling of some of the finest work contributed to The Inertia from exceptionally talented photographers around the world. Each image is the perfect combination of preparation, talent, and a pinch of luck. The stuff dreams are made of. As your year winds down, hopefully you can source some inspiration from these images – searching for those moments in 2012 that will be equally worth remembering.


I want to thank you for spending some time with us this year. We’re a better community with you, and we look forward to capturing new moments in the New Year. – Zach Weisberg

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